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Aurora Payments and Fee Navigator Partnership


Fee Navigator, an award-winning, AI-powered instant merchant statement analysis and proposal technology provider announced that it will partner with Aurora Payments to roll out its tools and services to all external reps, agents, and partners for the next 60 days, free of charge.


“This initiative is exciting for Fee Navigator on a number of levels,” said Fee Navigator Co-Founder Ion Craciun. “Not only are we deepening our relationship with Aurora Payments, but also dozens of their partners will have the opportunity to leverage Fee Navigator’s tools to help them close more deals, faster.”

External reps, agents, and partners will work within Fee Navigator’s ecosystem, which will be administered by Aurora Payments. These field professionals will gain access to the world’s most advanced merchant statement analysis and proposal studio, their own email bot to assist them during onsite visits, leads funnels to attract new merchants, and an estimator tool that generates quick proposals without having a merchant statement in hand.

“We aim to provide our partners with the best resources, tools, and technology solutions to help them succeed,” said Brian Goudie, Aurora Payments CEO. “By leveraging Fee Navigator, we’ll be able to accelerate sales, standardize operations, and support our team of external reps. We love the ability to define any number of pricing, commissions, and proposal templates, then make them available to individual reps. In addition, having the ability to view both individual and firm-wide pipeline data in real-time stands to make a huge impact in our strategic and tactical planning.”

Launched in 2019, Fee Navigator has been steadily extending its solution set to create a first-of-its-kind experience for the merchant services industry.

"While the payments technology part of the merchant services industry has evolved at a quick pace, back-office operations and next-gen digital customer experiences have been hampered by the unavailability of an automated statement analysis and proposal engine. We built Fee Navigator precisely to fill this gap, and are excited to work with leading innovators such as Aurora Payments to support their customers,” explained Fee Navigator’s Co-Founder and CEO Adrian Talapan.  Any Aurora partner can use the special code AURORA to take advantage of this promotion when they join Fee Navigator as a Partner:

After the promotion ends, they may continue their business acceleration at a subsidized cost that is less than filling out a gas tank. Leading innovators who equip their partners and internal sales team with Fee Navigator’s platform typically decrease costs and increase revenue by responding faster to opportunities. To explore how Fee Navigator may fit into your organization, please start your journey here:

About Fee Navigator

Fee Navigator is the award-winning, self-serve, enterprise-grade AI-powered service that allows acquirers, banks, and technology providers to instantly analyze merchant statements and accelerate merchant acquisition and retention. Their services streamline number-crunching, produce automated insights and help the industry sell faster, while simultaneously increasing merchant retention and agent satisfaction. By facilitating and enhancing commerce, Fee Navigator accelerates the growth of the merchant payments industry. For more information, please visit

About Aurora Payments

Aurora Payments is a united network of processing, technology, and payment solutions headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, with 22,000 merchants and $10 billion in annual processing. Over the years, we have grown to capture a significant portion of nationwide market-share in various specific industries due to our superior rates and services. Our Client and Partners’ success drives our team to provide the best quality products, customer service, and technical support in the industry. Our goal is to help businesses of all sizes grow their revenue streams and increase efficiency through secure and compliant payment processing.